Opkikker Ambassador’s day

Event Name:

Date: 30 August, 2015
Where: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Description: An amazing event to celebrate the many Ambassadors for the Opkikker foundation. These Ambassadors are children who in the past have been a guest on one of the Opkikker events for sick children and their families. 1200 Ambassadors and their families were invited for a cruise on the Amsterdam chanals. Along the route they encountered many friends, whom they met during one of the Opkikker events. The 501st was stationed at the harbour, where they entertained these very special passengers of the passing ships with their own interpretation of the opening scene of A New Hope, where Princess Leia was captured by Darth Vader and his awesome troopers. At each passing ship, the sketch became more and more absurt, much to the amusement of the spectators.

Result: With the 501st Legion’s help, 6000 families enjoyed a very special boat trip. With all their spirits renewed, they are energized for another year of spreading the word about the good deeds of the Opkikker foundation and it’s friends such as troopers of the 501st legion!

Attending Members:

ID 8230
TK 30309
BH 8715 (as princess Leia)
TK 10425
TI 7560
SL 31870
TR 10174
ID 78467
TK 23552
TI 82225
TS 15127

Short URL: http://tinyurl.com/opc93sc

Fantasy day Opkikker

Event Name: Fantasy day Opkikker

Date: 15 August, 2015
Where: Landgoed Blikkenburg, Zeist, The Netherlands

Description: Such a special day at the Fantasy Day of the Opkikker Foundation. This day was organized for 70 families with children who a have long-lasting serious illness. During the Fantasy day, those special families will meet and interact with all the fantastical creatures and people the know from movies and books. Off course, Star Wars is the most fantastical realm. Children and grownups alike were able to explore their darkside by shooting those cute little Ewoks in our own Ewok blasting range.

Result: With the 501st Legion’s help, 70 families were having a day off. Away from the harsh reality from everyday. We brought some extra happiness into their lives.

Attending Members:

Tamara Bos, ID 8230
Iwan Optekamp, CB 12771 (as Jedi)
Niels Revers, TK 30309
Puck Barendregt, BH 8715
Daan de Ruijter, TB 7021
Charly de Jonge, TS 15127
Jelle Quispel, TS 2353
Rianne van Houwelingen, TB 13139
Peter Brouwer, TK 10425
Michael Reijpert, TI 7560
Robin van Kemenade, CX 11702 (Handler)
Wilma de Vries, ID 5803
Patrick Peemen, TR 9629 (as Jedi)

Pictures obtained with the explicit consent of the parents.

Short URL: http://tinyurl.com/p4zaxvp

SQL Saturday

Event Name: SQL Saturday #432
Date: August 1, 2015
Where: College of Business, LSU, Baton Rouge, LA, USA

Description: SQL Saturday is one day gathering of about 600 computer professionals from around the United States. Educational panels are presented on a number of topics including .NET, SQL, Computer Security, and professional development. We have a keynote at the end of the day where the various sponsors of the event draw for prizes to be given away. SQL had a raffle to fund-raise for Baton Rouge Center for Visual and Performing Arts. Darth Vader and members of the Bast Alpha Garrison help sell tickets and drew the winners.

Result: With the 501st Legion’s help, they were able to raise $1016.11.

Attending Members:
Dirk J. – SL 11779
David C. – TI 4019
Jeremy B. – TB 43759
Earl T. – TK 2962
Krista R. – DZ 81431

Short URL: http://tinyurl.com/ndqqxqf

Philippine General Hospital Visit

For eleven years the Philippine Garrison has been visiting children around the country, at birthday parties and orphanages, and mall events and hospitals. This year, the garrison has made a commitment to more hospital visits, bringing the good cheer and galactic fun of Star Wars to kids who can’t go out and join the troops.

The Philippine General Hospital is used to the sight of troopers in the Silahis ng Kalusugan school for outpatient children. Often accompanied by pirates and superheroes, the Philippine Garrison regularly donates cash, toys and other supplies to SnK and other PGH beneficiaries. The troopers and pirates have also visited the pediatric wards of PGH, wards 9 and 11. Every Christmas, the Philippine Garrison works with the Jolly Roger Rogers to organize a Christmas party at SnK.

This year the patients and their families didn’t have to wait till Christmas to see their favorite heroes! Christmas in July happened when the Philippine Garrison visited children’s wards 9 and 11. Together with Power Rangers Cosplay PH, Avengers, JusticePH and FightSaber, the troops distributed gifts and treats to over 90 kids and their parents. Just goes to show you how much the Empire cares!

Date: July 18, 2015
Venue/Location: Philippine General Hospital
Host unit: Philippine Garrison
Guest units/groups: Power Rangers Cosplay PH, Avengers, JusticePH, FightSaber

Number of characters: 6 (Jay Nolan TB-50123, Jon Sideno TC-8358, Marc Macalua TK-43210, Sharm Miguel Macalua TI-77877, Karl Chua SL -21976, Billy Montinola CC-24559)

Direct Funds Raised: PHP 9,600
Indirect Funds Raised: ~PHP 25,000 (food from Greenwich)

Photos are up on the Heroes for Hope Philippines Facebook page: Album 1 and Album 2

Check out video by TK-43210 Marc Macalua on YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lvPgWNMHt8

Heroes in and out of costume

The Jedi have started taking hostages! What is wrong with the galaxy??

Serious troopers are serious. From left to right: Billy Montinola CC-24559, Jay Nolan TB-50123, Karl Chua SL-21976, Sharm Miguel Macalua TI-77877, Marc Macalua TK-43210.

Okay, not serious after all.

These troopers are just a bunch of softies!

Pic by Emy Cua. Approved for publishing by Francesca Mae Pantig, Chief Resident PGH Pediatrics.

Short URL: http://tinyurl.com/obxjzbu


The 501st Spanish Garrison joined the Red Cross during 2016’s World Blood Drive in different cities of Spain such as Mallorca, Madrid or Oviedo. We helped promoting the blood drive handling flyers and encouraging people to donate. Red Cross volunteers were very happy with our help and asked us for future collaborations. In fact, last week our troops from Asturias helped in another blood drive during a local fair and that particular day Red Cross got more blood donations than any other day of that fair!
World Blood Drive 06.13.2015
– Alba Riestra Robledo TI 18791 DamaJedi Reserve Pilot
– David Benito Alvarez TK 10914 david_wf Stormtrooper ANH stunt
– Eduardo Béjar Encinas IG 20567 Navalgijon Gunner
– Luis Jimenez Treviño TK 18113 Luis J. Trevino Stormtrooper ANH Stunt
– Carolina Rosselló. Tigresa. TK-4737. Stormtrooper ROTJ
– Carlos Blanquer. Relay. ID-4067. Imperial Black Officer


Short URL: http://tinyurl.com/o9yjt7o

Philippine Orthopedic Center Visit

For eleven years the Philippine Garrison has been visiting children around the country, at birthday parties and orphanages, and mall events and hospitals. This year, the garrison has made a commitment to more hospital visits, bringing the good cheer and galactic fun of Star Wars to kids who can’t go out and join the troops.

On May 31, the Philippine Garrison made its first visit to the Philippine Orthopedic Center. They were joined by Power Rangers Cosplay PH, Avengers, JusticePH, The Philippine X-Men Team and USAP Care Club. The troopers and the costumed heroes handed out gifts and played with about 70 pediatric patients, making sure everyone had a happy and memorable time meeting their favorite heroes.

Date: May 31, 2015
Venue/Location: Philippine Orthopedic Center
Host unit: Philippine Garrison
Guest units/groups: Power Rangers Cosplay PH, Avengers, JusticePH, The Philippine X-Men Team, USAP Care Club

Number of characters: 9 (Jay Nolan TB-50123, Willy Wilwayco TI-73437, Marlon Boticario TK-69369, Lawrence Aliwalas TK-6196, Jon Sideno TC-8358, Marc Macalua TK-43210, Sharm Miguel Macalua TI-77877, Karl Chua SL -21976, J’mee Trinidad TK-8876)

Photos from the Heroes for Hope Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/media/set/?set … 741828.869
Check out video by TK-43210 Marc Macalua on YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cQGUHT6hwI



Short URL: http://tinyurl.com/q4kh7ep

Care Package

On May 23, 2015, members from the 501st Alpine Garrison, along with the members of Umbrella Corp., and Superman, delivered a care package to Scott Hawkins.

Scott is a courageous 8 year old who has been battling ependymoma cancer since his infancy.  He has had about a half dozen surgeries, has been through chemo and radiation, and is still fighting the good fight. For the last 3 years he has had clean CT scans until April 2015, where they had found a new tumor.  His tumor has since been removed and his CT scans have all come back clean.

Members of the 501st from around the world, local costumers and other caring people donated various items to create a care package for this young man to remind him that he is not alone and to stay strong.


Scott is pictured here (in his Spiderman hoodie), with his Grandmas, his brother.

Short URL: http://tinyurl.com/nlr2aqk

I wish to have a Star Wars LEGO room makeover!

At the age of 11, John has faced much in his short life. Battling stage IV chronic kidney disease, John had a kidney transplant December 4, 2014. His mom, Kim, was the match. Miraculously, he was back in school at Lincoln Elementary just five weeks later.

John’s wish: “I wish to have a Star Wars LEGO Room Makeover”

April 12 was a special day for John as his wish for a Star Wars LEGO Room came true. When John and family arrived home shortly after 2:00 PM, his front yard was full of more than 60 friendly faces –including classmates, teachers, family, friends, local Make-A-Wish® volunteers and staff and Star Wars characters, including Stormtroopers and Darth Vader.

From Brack Lee (TK5430):

This is something that I am proud of. Rob Keisacker (AR3402) of the Central Garrison helped organize this effort locally as well as build LEGO shelves for the room. I created and donated the life size LEGO Anakin figure/costume, whom is John’s favorite Star Wars character. Unfortunately, I was not able to travel to the wish presentation to troop with the Central Garrison, but there was one Rebel Legion and five 501st members in attendance. (Including Rob)

Read more about this great event here.

LEGO_01 Wishstories_john_starwars_648x444


Short URL: http://tinyurl.com/prefc22

The Heart of the Force

The Heart of the Force (HotF) program is an anti-bullying presentation intended for kids ages 5-10, showcasing Star Wars characters portraying acceptance and friendship with everyone.  Pictured here, members of the 501st Legion (Alpine Garrison), Rebel Legion, and the Mandalorian Mercs take a pledge to stand up against bullying along with 450 students from Vae View Elementary School in Layton, Utah.

Alpine Garrison
Heart of the Force


Short URL: http://tinyurl.com/oqyvm4l

Bowling for Brain Injury


Midwest Garrison
Bowling for Brain Injury
Event Summary: In the words of EvCo James Tampa: “Members of The Midwest Garrison joined “Forces” with Bowling For Brain Injury to help raise funds and awareness. (Every 18.5 seconds, someone in America suffers a brain injury. Across the U.S., 1.7 million people are injured each year)”

Jim Tampa – SL1020 – Darth Vader
Kristen Avara – TX7844 – Shadow Stormtrooper
Arturo Delgado – TK412 – Stormtrooper
Luis Boileve – TK604 – Stormtrooper

Charity:Brain Injury Assn of America
Direct Funds Raised: $0
Indirect Funds Raised: $15,000
Items Collected: None
Number # of Items Collected: 0

More Images Below

Short URL: http://tinyurl.com/maguazs